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My dream, hard work & vision of imparting best quality Engineering Education in Rajasthan comparable with the best in the world has born fruits by getting AICTE - NBA Accreditation of Institute of Engineering & Technology College for all Branches of Engineering.

Institute of Engineering & Technology, Alwar aims at imparting sound technical knowledge to Engineering, Management graduates and Postgraduates in accordance with the Industrial Standards. This helps the Professional Graduates and Postgraduates to develop Managerial skills.

The past ten years of journey of IET, Alwar, starting since 1998 is a journey of hard work, dedication, self discipline and motivation as I have fulfilled my ambition of establishing IET-Alwar, as an Engineering Institute par excellence & equipped with State-of-art Laboratories, Computer and IT departments, excellent building infrastructure with lush green landscaping and well qualified, experienced & committed team of faculty members.

We give more emphasis on programs with high demands and those, which will help students to face National and International challenges in professional career.

I am confident enough about IET's growth as one of the best educational group in the country especially in the field of Technical Education.

However, the journey of knowledge never ends. Each student who take admission in IET, Alwar has to follow the following “Guru Mantra” for his whole life :

“Hard work has no substitute, sooner or later only hard work gives best Reward”


Prof. (Dr.) B. SHARAN - B.E. (CSE), M.Tech., Ph.D

On behalf of the faculty members, staffs and your fellow students, I am pleased to welcome you to Alwar Institute of Engineering & Technology (AIET). When you made AIET your College of choice, you took the first step in ensuring your place among the illustrious sons and daughters of this great institution. When you chose to study in the AIET, you made your first major investment decision.

Thousands of years ago, the Indian Rishis propounded three fundamental principles of human knowledge:"Lead me from Falsehood to Truth" (asato ma sad gamaya);"Lead me from Darkness to Light" (tamaso ma jyotir gamaya); and "Lead me from Mortality to Immortality" (mrityor ma amritam gamaya). Keeping this in mind AIET has been working to offer practical learning modules, imparting the right value system, realistic approach and teamwork and co -action that build competencies and enable the executive trainees to take on the competition effectively and achieve excellence in their career.

We, at AIET concentrate on providing theoretical knowledge coupled with lot of practical exposure. We also emphasize on developing analytical & communication skills, creativity, leadership, and innovation to make our executive graduates capable of undertaking responsibilities. Value added courses have been made a regular feature of our system to fulfill today's demand of the corporate world. These efforts go a long way in making the executive graduates desirable and employable.

The present crisis in environment, energy, population growth and sustainability of human species can only be solved through this convergence of technologies. It is agreed in the research communities that IT age will be followed by Nano age, to be followed by Cogno and real Space age. Being a country of 1.3 billion populations and still growing, India’s contribution to the progress of Science and Technology has been very limited in last two centuries. Off late, we are becoming a country of “Service” engineers, doctors and managers and at the same time have geared up to use the technology created and developed by others. Though it’s a globalized world, only contributors are remembered and revered. Einsteins, Ramans, Mendels, Faradays etc will be there as long as human species live on earth and how many Indians are there in any Science or Technology books or laws? The problems of this country can only be solved through making technology cost effective and indigenous. And this can happen only if our education system which has become a factory producing literate, English speaking laborers starts revamping itself towards quality research and give freedom to young minds to imagine and dream. Hands-on experience with creativity ably footed with right theory and skills sets are requirements of the time. Young Indian students should come into research to take this country back to the glory where Science and Technology prospered 5000 years ago. This is the core of AIET, Centre of Excellence for Advanced Education and Research which has been taking small step towards quality education.

I invite you to become better acquainted with AIET, where you will discover not only engineering excellence, but also a campus alive with round-the-clock cultural, artistic, and intellectual activity. Welcome to AIET. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals. With best wishes,



IET, Alwar is the First Private Engineering College of Rajasthan and now the first college of the state to be fully accredited by NBA. This is the hard work of the entire team, comprising of management & faculty members.

Technical Challenges & expectations of the market need sound Technocrats and managers. We aim to provide quality Education to the students, which helps them to face the world with confidence. We also aim to provide appropriate and healthy environment to faculty and students so that the focus is entirely on studies and technological growth.

Separate Girls and Boys hostels are located inside the campus. High priority is given to the safety and security of girl students. We aim to provide a home away from home to each student.

I am confident that IET, Alwar will soon reach a degree of excellence due to the Vision of the management, dedicated faculty and hard working students.

I wish a very prosperous career graph for the students Each one must

“Create a concrete action plan and dedicate yourself to achieve your Goal / Dream”

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Welcome to a new beginning!

Education plays a vital role in changing lives. Therefore, the choice of an institution is a crucial one impacting the future. While recruiting fresh candidates, companies look for people with a good grasp of fundamentals, domain knowledge, and enabling competencies like effective communications with a wholesome personality, commitment and the right attitudes.

Additional inputs, besides academic curriculum, therefore become necessary. At AIET, we endeavor to provide our students the necessary training by using latest innovative methodologies in personality development programs, career building skills, and industry linked courses, in addition to a rich blend of academics, co-curricular and extracurricular activities that help in formulating the psychological profile of a student thereby leading him/her to a successful career.

To accomplish this, there is extensive support of superior infrastructure and learning resources like labs, libraries, workshops, research collaborations, academic alliances, innovative teaching methodologies with latest syllabus designed by renowned professors and industry experts as per the need of today’s industry.

I wish a very prosperous career graph for the students Each one must

"Here is your opportunity for a successful career"

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Ms. Sonal Agarwal - BBA, MBA

In modern era, need for the professionals are growing day by day in industries, but they are not getting skilled professionals as per their requirements. It’s all because of the gap between industrial requirement and the skill level available with the present education system.

Keeping the same in mind we have taken a small step forward to fill this huge gap and established a dedicated CDC (Career Development Cell). CDC’s main focus is to motivate students towards professional career and make them aware of the modern need of the industries. We at CDC, monitor each and every student and pay personal attention in the direction of enhancing their overall skills as per industrial needs by conducting various seminars, workshops, conferences, trainings, industrial visits, personality and entrepreneurship development programmes regularly.

"I extend my hearty wishes to all students for their bright and prosperous career."