Affordable Granny Tree-house Design from Queensland Australia

Sometimes, you still have the feeling that your house is no longer livable for your large family members. In this case, you plan to have a second house to help you relieve from that strict full house. Further, to avoid skyrocketing high cost design, you have to choose one design which is affordable. In addition, a granny tree house from Queensland by Kim Alexander may become your alternative choice.

In glance, it looks like the house is floating in the middle of forest because the design is surrounded with not really thick forest. However, it is still considered as a modern tree house design with its privilege location. In addition, to ensure the atmosphere, you have to enter and admire the design that pampers you with such clever layout design. The design also allows you to enjoy all freshness the nature gives through the open scheme. The unique design of the extended living space and the bedroom give you such instinctive style of house that you will only have in this design. The spacious area enables you to have such relaxing ambience everytime you spend your free time in this second house design.

Meanwhile, in the middle of the living area in the bedroom, there is an open balcony design with beautiful refreshing scene pampering your eyes. In addition, living under cantilevered roof must be enjoyable for you to stare deeper at the green landscape right in front of your eyes. In short, this design seems to try combining such coziness, freshness, nature, and modern style into a granny tree-house. With this second house design, you are supposed to release your fatigue while laying your body on this unique floating living area. Not only the design that is based on natural, but also the surrounding itself is the real natural scene. Do you find it appealing? Would you like to live in peaceful suburb? Lets decide!

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