Finest Apartment Design in Riviera Italian Style

Do you want to feel a classic majestic interior design? Yeah, everybody must have the same expectation, and this finest apartment design in Riviera Italian style is ready to make your dream come true. A design from NG-studio, this Riviera apartment style tries to meet the tradition with art. It would obviously seen from the outlook of the interior. Just check following post!

You must admit it that the interior atmosphere is really cozy and warm, and it is caused by the harmonious tone applied to the design. Classic adorable cream tone must be a royal characteristic, and once you combine this one with a darker brown or black tone, the outlook is just turned into such majestic one. Further, the artistic side emphasized in this interior is displayed by several sculptures installed. In addition, you just cannot spare your eyes with the classy brown door design that brings you over to feel the real Italian ambience. Then, your amazement is unstoppable with other luxurious stuff sprucing the room like the tall large creamy curtain. Moreover, once you step your feet on the golden patterned wondrous area rug, you will never escape from its lux.

Meanwhile, a giant chandelier on the ceiling helps you to grab the feeling to be the real Italian. With crystal bowl decoration on the coffee table, you cannot deny its royal look. Prettified with several artistic ornaments, it is clear that the owner wants to emphasize his or her artistry side. It is obvious from the table lamp design which is much more like a sculpture rather than a lamp. Not only the decoration, entering the kitchen will make your heart stop beating because there is another astonishing design waiting for you. Distinctive black patterned area tiles designed for the dining set is really awesome to hypnotize your consciousness. Along a sophisticated island design, it must be the most enjoyable kitchen for you.

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