Presenting Panoramic House in the Middle of Canadian Wood with Traditional Modern Style

This house is located in Sainte-Adele, Canada. Exactly, it is the edge of a forest so that traditional style is proper for it. Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environment finishes that Panorama House. Many windows and orange front door make it festive and warm. Moreover, it uses wood and design scheme. Look directly by these photo gallery. Of course, it is easier to understand the design by picture. Long grey house uses hip roof design and the shipping pallet wall.

Indeed, that orange door is noticeable and meets the wooden runner staircase. Bring your feet into this interior design. Then, compare to the exterior design. It really contrasts. Stylish social area gives different view. As though, this dwell has modern style in both sides. White open kitchen sets between the contemporary dining area and living room. By the way, this design is in the second floor in which the staircase is in front of both areas.

Red dining chairs combine the natural table. As usual, that spot needs pendant lighting. White kitchen island obvious has wooden bar design. It puts aside the kitchen island with original wood material and color. Even, the square backless stools are too. Two sided fireplace becomes the boundary between the living area and kitchen. It is outstanding with l shaped design. Black furniture takes leather as the room controller. It adjusts the temperature so that people keep feel cozy.

In front of the kitchen is cool sunroom design. That large space has minimalist design of large table, bench, and chairs. Seemly, it is your pleasant kitchen nook. Well, orange door color is not for the front door. However, this long hallway looms with fixed window and that door. Lastly, bathroom looks elegant with the combination of black and white. It has the most simple appearance. Okay, we conclude that this Panorama House presents modern and traditional in harmonious blend.

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