The Luxurious of the Life by W.I.N.D House with Sophisticated Smartphone Controller

Welcome to Netherland and feels the village nuance of that country. Stay in W.I.N.D house that presents modern and aesthetic in rural location. This smart home has 582 square meter space to run the floor plan and stay with outdoor area. UN studio is the Dutch company that responsible for this family home with contemporary look. The main of the design is that building pushes on the sleeping area and the working space.

Well, look the outdoor decoration that has four facades. All of them are overlooking the shady vegetation as the natural protection. Elevate position of the house enable the owner to enjoy the outside by their open plan living spaces. Those fa├žades of the house designs with different petals like wings. Visually, these curvy connect each other from the line that crosses through the building. Indeed, the making process of that dwell uses a centrifugal split-level base. This principle takes to getting the finest vertical organization. Large open staircase is the media to leads us into the backyard. See these photos by Inga Powilleit and Fedde de Weert. They capture beautiful home with elegancy.

Okay, this dwell is sophisticated because it is completed with smartphone controlled. Smart system of the house controls all by the central touch screen technology. The company installs it in the living area. One of the sophistication of the smartphone is it is able to control all rooms by remotely system. Automatic system of the house enables to control the solar panel and mechanical installation. Both cases include in the electrical system. The smartphone device also integrates the sustainable house concept. It consists of water heat pump, a central air, and mechanical ventilation. One of the excellence of that system is it uses the heat waste to reduce the pollution. Tinted glass of the house helps to cut down on the heat from the back and front facades. Yeah, it is incredible if you can live here. Live with full of sophistication and keep friendly to nature.

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