New Surprise in Brisbane of Kent Rd House with Shocking Modern and Traditional Blend

Australia is the smallest continent near the South Pole. It only consists of three large islands. The Australia itself is a big country with six states. Commonly people visit Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, and Brisbane. In Brisbane, Queensland, we have a harmonious cottage. Kent Rd House is the result of Terry McQuillant architecture renovation. Originally, this house stands in 1906 and then it gets the extension in 1960’s. Yeah, that is the long distant enough.
During design this dweller, they has primary challenge. The house must have the character intact although it gets re-cladding and demolition. Even though, modern sense still seen from the street side. Indeed, the renovation focuses on the new kitchen. Afterward, it follows the master bedroom and the outdoor living area. Natural lighting kitchen uses black wood furniture sets. It not only decorates the crisp laminate floor. Nevertheless, it becomes the sophisticated room divider. Here, crips white hue of the ceiling and the wall brightening the area.

Almost similar to the kitchen, pretentious master bedroom also applies the same tones. It has cool hidden bath in front of your bed with black partition. Your private bathtub designs with white curtain door and sectional corner windows. This room also has cozy small balcony to completing your view toward the outdoor. Backyard becomes the wonderful view from your bedroom. Indeed, bedroom and the kitchen have the similar scenery. Minimalist living room doesn’t want to miss the color scheme.

However, there is white focal point on the Barcelona chair and the tripod lamp shade. Stylish garage design and the staircase lead to the upper lever. By the way, the staircase uses clear glass balustrade and looms behind the kitchen island. When we compare the exterior and interior design is shocking. Well, that is a great blend of traditional and modern in Brisbane Australia. So, when will you visit and stay to taste the truth?

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