Showing the Modern Design of Monolithic House in Italy by Stand-Out Design

Introduce Monolithic House in Castrovillari, Italy. Studio Brain Factory displays clear modern style by the style. The monolithic block inspires the apartment that owns 1,830 sq ft. Pollino Massif Mountains become the awesome view for this abode. It is clearly visible from the immaculate window idea. By the way, it has primary material of wood. It combines the stone to getting warm nuance since the entrance. Well, pay attention to the part of the house through the photos below.

Great monolithic stone wall becomes the enchanting focal point in this house. Here, it mixes the chalkboard wall ornament and the glassless kitchen window. Why he design like this? Of course, it makes people easy to serves the meal. As we know, trendy dining area sets afore. It is visualized with catchy black acrylic chairs and hugs the large wooden table. Wood material still emerges on the stunning laminate floor. Even, it looms as the large wall shelves on the monolithic wall design.

Look around the dining area. Then, see the wall design aside that it includes the kitchen wall. Artistic sense applies in this wall with creative typography decorating idea. Enter to the cool white galley kitchen that uses black and white. Spacious glassless window as the small way also design from wood. Here, you can see the ample dining area with night living area behind. Even though, it is different from the social area before. Pleasurable neutral bathroom is dominant with white. Nonetheless, it still takes wood as the room heater.

Wooden material looms from the wall into the smart bathroom storage. Exactly, it is over the alcove bathtub in which it clads too. In the other hand, this house has two kinds of bathroom. One of them adds potted plant and another uses black vanity cabinet. Yeah, that’s the inspiring dwelling with artistic sense. Find it and possess it soon.

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