Staying in Queenscliff House in Sydney with Originally Wedge Shaped

Sydney has Queenscliff House that stand on the 100 meters above the ocean surface. Of course, it not floats on the air. UtsSan by Architect design in on a cliff with modern style. This wedge shaped block refuge situated between the two neighboring building. Common feature of the wall structure has thermally efficient job. It includes the special roof design and the high-level glazing. Healthy feeling of the modern living comes from the functionally plan. Let’s play with this home design.

Start from the exterior design in which it shows some sides. Long glass balcony banister integrates the fin wall design and the ground floor. This house own glass sliding door to connect the backyard to the ocean directly. Large fin wall design looks awesome and clear. Here, it mixes the glass door and window. Overall, this residence is unique with modular shape. Besides that, it is great with the combination of two worlds in one. The balcony integrates the kitchen and upper lever living area.

Get morning sunlight totally here. The balcony provides two designs of alfresco and outdoor living room. Indeed, the living area is simple with blue pad sofa. That seating faces off the charcoal pallet dining table and chairs. Now, let’s enter to the kitchen. It is perfect coastal kitchen design with nice garden view. It is seen behind the blurred sliding door. Several focal points of brown and black adorn the white kitchen furniture. It applies on the floor and the countertop.

Meanwhile, the living room is in front of the kitchen. Such as the balcony design, it arranges with the white dining room sets. Lastly, white bathroom also has the exciting view that enhances your activity. Awesome bathroom appliance balances with the wall storage furniture. By the way, this space uses grey tile floor to absorb the heat. Okay, that is the image of residence in Sydney. It is great and charming.

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