Stunning Stone House Exhibits the Contrast Look behind the Lonely Belgium Side

Holiday must not go to somewhere. In fact, there are more exciting activities to spend our free time. One of them is renovating our home with simplicity and friendly. It is such as the stone house design in Walloon region, Belgium. So, not only chocolate that is famous from that country. Dehullu Architecten is the designer that constructs it. Then, Dennis De Smet captures to exhibit for people. Enhance your information from the Smet collection below.

The serenity of landscape surrounds this rustic home design. We think that the outdoor painting is harmonious to the around view. Even tough, it presents unexpected design in the interior. Two tiers gable end roof here collaborates with the floating front porch. Modern style has clearly visible from the luminous sliding door. It combines the white stone wall in l shaped style. Pass these sliding doors to meets the stylish interior design. It leads to the social area of dining room. Minimalist decoration of faux taxidermy decorates the long hallway behind.

After you walk in hallway, you will find a room with healthy rustic décor. You can use it as the living room with two wall design. Grey sofa puts in front of the white wall design. Further, sturdy stone wall serves the black fireplace stove and the wall unit aside. Even though, there is small square wall niche with the stone and concrete mixing. Let’s go to the trendy staircase. Faux deer taxidermy also decorate the under stair.

Surely, this path carries the people to their room. Usually, there is bedroom and bathroom. Okay, back to the outdoor because we want to give distinguish view. Yellow outdoor lighting on the front porch makes it distinctive from the far distance. As if, it is a palace in the middle of the wood that is seen at night. In the other hand, daylight makes it looks fresh and natural. We argue that it is the exquisite rustic modern dweller, right?

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